The European Training Institute’s (ETI) mission is to develop and perfection the skills people require when interacting in their professional life with the European Union be that at starter, at management or leadership level. ETI offers: 

  • Open enrolment courses to which individuals can register and get a general yet hand-son training. There is no specific focus on any specific sector or organisation. 3 types of open enrolment training are currently proposed:
    - Comitology and delegated acts
    - Brussels in a day: understanding the basics of the EU decision-making
    - Advocacy: how to adequate advocate your interests at EU level


  • Tailor-made training (groups) and coaching (individuals) that cover several formats depending on the degree of knowledge desired and the corresponding duration. Concrete cases are chosen in advance in accordance with the client’s priorities.

Our typical seminar lasts 5 hours with 2 trainers. From start to finish, the seminar is interactive, presented via PowerPoint and with the support of our publications.

Our trainings are cross-sectoral. Over the past two years we have provided trainings in the following topics: agriculture, food legislation, public health, pharmaceuticals, environment, energy and financial services.

If you want to participate in one of our Workshops and Trainings, contact our partner Vicky Marissen or send an email to


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1050 Brussels

+32 2 735 82 30

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