EPPA has been advising on trade policy & negotiations for over 30 years. Our experienced team has been involved in complex trade policy-shaping issues, trade negotiations and market access, as well as compliance with trade rules such as anti-dumping.


EPPA is finely attuned to the political trends, and also the economic, social and ecological priorities driving or influencing the formulation of trade policies and legislation in Europe. EPPA has high-level experience in international trade advocacy and a success record in shaping EU trade policy and trade agreements.

Constructive input is essential for any trade negotiation to ensure economic growth and prosperity for society as a whole.

We work closely with clients to understand their trading environment and to identify the strategic adjustments, be it tariffs and quotas, or other rules and regulations which could enhance the bottom line of their business. Prior to formal renegotiations ahead of any new trade agreements, EPPA develops a series of change scenarios to identify the threats and opportunities that different agreements would present for business.

Having established the strategic priorities, EPPA mobilises support through coalition building. Our political sensors allow us to coordinate stakeholders with mutual interests when engaging with EU decision-makers.

EPPA recently ensured, through long-term dedicated work, strong business understanding and high-level advocacy, the inclusion of market access in the form of a quota for an important agricultural product in a major trade negotiation.


Anti-dumping & Anti-subsidy

The Anti-dumping instrument is the most commonly used of the three trade defence instruments including Anti-subsidy and Safeguards. These instruments, designed to regulate against unfair trade practice and sudden unforeseeable changes in trade patterns, are guided by the WTO rules.

EPPA has a 100% success rate in Anti-dumping cases. Our expertise is employed for both complainants and defendants involved in such trade cases. We provide valuable tactical and strategic advice throughout the procedure, bridging Member States with the Commission to ensure an optimal outcome.

It is essential for the competitiveness of European companies that trade regulatory instruments are applied in a coherent and consistent manner and that Union industry and third country exporters are treated fairly.

Our in-depth understanding of EU trade policy and comitology, coupled with our in-sight knowledge of the trade defence procedure, allows us to respond rapidly to business operators’ needs and to provide valuable tactical and strategic advice throughout the process.

EPPA recently ensured, through structured communication and targeted advocacy, a broad support from EU Member States to impose the highest dumping duties in the history of the European Union.

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