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Ivelina Vasileva


Ivelina Vasileva has a background of 10 years in the corporate business and 15 years in the public sector at different positions in the government and parliament of Bulgaria. She has been the Deputy Mayor of Burgas – one of the major cities in the country, after that Deputy Minister and then Minister of Environment and Waters in the government of Bulgaria. During her mandate as a member of the national parliament, she has been the Chair of the permanent committee of environment and waters and deputy chair of the EU affairs committee. Ivelina contributes to the EPPA team with her experience in policy making and legislative drafting and implementation at local, national and EU level.

She has vast experience in leading and facilitating the dialogue and interaction between institutions and various stakeholders, including business, academia and NGOs for a more sustainable future. Her focus is in the field of environmental protection, circular economy, climate policies, EU affairs and EU funded implementing programs.

+ Member of Parliament – Chair of the Permanent Parliamentary Committee of Environment and Water National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria (2017-2021)

+ Minister of Environment and Waters (2014 – 2017) and Government Deputy Minister (2009 – 2013), Ministry of Environment and Waters, Bulgaria

+ Deputy Mayor of EU Affairs and Environment in the Municipality of Burgas (2007 – 2009), Bulgaria

+ Manager of the Project Management Unit for Water Supply and Sewerage Company, Burgas

+ Regional Representative for the Region of Burgas and Service Account Manager for Ericsson Telecommunications Bulgaria Ltd.

+ Project Administrator for Development Alternatives Inc. in Bulgaria, financed by the US Agency for International Development.


+ two Master’s degrees from the University of Sofia – in International Relations with EU Law major, and in Applied Linguistics,

+ Diplomas in accounting and EU public Administration from the Economic University of Svistov and the Burgas Free University.


Areas of practice

Chemicals, Climate and Circular Economy


Chemicals, Climate and Circular Economy

Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability
Industrial Emissions Directive
Food Contact Materials
Packaging and Packaging Waste
Waste Framework Directive
Sustainable Products Initiative
Substantiation of green claims

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