Franz Eversheim


Franz Eversheim has extensive experience in the global agriculture and food sectors, agrochemicals, seeds and biotechnology, and is a recognized expert in related international trade aspects. Franz is also familiar with the political and administrative structures in Germany and able to provide valuable support. 

Through 35 years international experience in development, marketing, regulatory science and communication, Franz has developed a strong understanding of the impact of political decision-making on innovation and the competitiveness of private and public business. He is particularly skilled and experienced in identifying and interpreting public and political sensitivities at an early stage and developing timely corporate strategies to address these.

20 years in the (green) biotech sector has taught Franz that great research is not enough to bring a high-tech product successfully to market. Time-and resource intensive regulatory processes also need to be effectively managed and these are increasingly influenced by other considerations. Digitalization and new gene editing technologies are facing such regulatory challenges, which potentially can impact the value of investments made, of intellectual property rights and the extent of liabilities. A broad understanding of the socio-economic and political landscape and the development of an effective advocacy and communication masterplan are essential to business success.


+ Head of the EMEA Brussels representation office for Bayer Crop Science for over 10 years.

+ Head of Business Development at Schering,

+ Marketing and Development (Hoechst-Schering-AgrEvo),

+ Trait and Seed Marketing (Aventis).

+ He also broadened his business and cultural experience through spells in South-East Asia, China, Australia, Latin and North America, Russia, Ukraine and in other former CIS countries.


+ Graduated in agronomy and plant breeding at the University of Bonn, Germany, and holds a degree (Dr. Agr.) in plant sciences.


Areas of practice

Agriculture, Food & Beverages


Agriculture, Food & Beverages

Crop Protection
Animal Nutrition
Animal welfare
Veterinary Medicines
Fertilisers & Biostimulants
Agricultural Trade Associations
Digital Farming
New Breeding Techniques
Food Additives
Food Supplements

Chemicals, Climate and Circular Economy


Chemicals, Climate and Circular Economy

Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability
Industrial Emissions Directive
Food Contact Materials
Packaging and Packaging Waste
Waste Framework Directive
Sustainable Products Initiative
Substantiation of green claims

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