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Stefan Schepers

Stefan Schepers concentrates on aligning between corporate strategy and public policy and on innovating the business-government interface.

In his previous position, director-general of the European Institute of Public Administration (1981-1990), he learned that overlooking governance organisation and tools always comes at a high price: deteriorating framework conditions for competitiveness and weakening social fabric. Modern public governance has traditionally been focussed on capital allocation, market regulation, social protection. How will these functions be exercised in a digitalised economy and society?

At the request of the Council Presidency, he conceived in 2011 a new way of joint public-private collaboration with the objective to inject new policy ideas into the EU system, path independent and taking account of new contextual conditions. This led first to the setting up of an independent, tripartite High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management, which delivered a series of recommendations how to deepen and widen research and innovation policy. Recently this method has been used also in the area of trade and the biosphere sector.

As a consultant to business and government since 1990, he saw that in today's deeply competitive and over supplied market, the role of directors and top management is crucial for continued and sustained enterprise success. The hard side to strategy no longer offers competitive advantage. It are intangibles, reputation, brand strength, regulatory risk management and public policy alignment that offer the critical differentiator.

He is visiting professor European Studies at the Henley Business School, University of Reading (UK). He is director of the African-European Centre for Investment and Trade (AECIT) at Henley Business School in Johannesburg (SA).

He was elected as member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and recently as a member of its Senate and Dean of the Class ‘Corporate and Public Governance’.

He co-edited, with Andrew Kakabadse, ‘Rethinking the Future of Europe’ (2014), with Klaus Gretschmann ‘Revolutionising EU Innovation Policy’ (2016) with Sefer Sener ‘ Innovation Governance and Entrepreneurship’ (2017). For his other publications and more details  see

Stefan Schepers, a Belgian national, holds Master degrees in Law (University of Leuven, Belgium) and in European Studies (University of Strasbourg, France), and a PH.D. in Political Science (University of Edinburgh, Great Britain). He operates in English, French, Dutch and German and has a working knowledge of Spanish.


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