A tool to support your business case by anticipating impacts of EU legislations.

This is an original tool with a proven track record to support corporations in anticipating impact of EU legislation. The ongoing better regulation policy of the EU Commission, in which evidence and impact assessment play a key role in the design phase and in the political decision-making phase, make socio-economic analysis a must-have.     


EPPA’s economic consultants conduct Socio Economic Analysis (SEAs) in numerous regulatory and policy areas. A SEA serves as an evaluation tool that provides analysis – from a societal perspective – on the costs and benefits of policy-makers’ decisions. It is a very flexible approach that can be applied in the ex-ante assessment of any political decision, in various legal contexts.

The SEA can support your case in the following areas:

  • Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH): The SEA is a key document when applying for authorization. EPPA has successfully worked for clients submitting dossiers for more than 25 different uses.

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS): EPPA has supported companies in their requests for exemptions under RoHS.

  • Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR): EPPA has prepared SEAs for active substances falling under exclusion criteria.

  • Trade: EPPA has assisted companies in setting up SEA questionnaires to support them in Anti Dumping cases.

- EPPA conducts supply chain surveys and analyzes the relevant market. With these inputs, it drafts the SEA report, tailored to specific cases which implies:

a) Identification of the likely stakeholders’ responses to the specific policy option that is being considered.

b) Quantification of the economic impacts expected to occur as a result of the policy option being assessed.

c) Monetization of health and environmental impacts (review of the literature on costs of health and environmental outcomes, application of willingness to pay estimates to your specific case, etc.).

d) Analyzing sources of uncertainties by conducting sensitivity analysis. In drafting SEA, EPPA economists work closely with the relevant scientists.

- When required, EPPA defends the conclusions from the SEA before the EU and national competent authorities.

With nearly three decades experience working with EU institutions, member state governments, and private sector stakeholders, EPPA assists its clients to anticipate changes in different pieces of legislations and drafts the SEA in support of their case. Thorough analysis and close collaboration with our clients are the milestones of our SEA service.

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