Taxonomy Alliance mid-term Action Plan 2021-2022

Header of the The Comitology Newsletter #63 - February 2020

On the exact day it was announced to be published, the EU Commission adopted its delegated act setting the technical screening criteria for climate adaptation and climate mitigation. Most issues raised were not taken into account or were pushed down the road. Nuclear energy, natural gas and agriculture as well as certain manufacturing activities will be dealt with in a complementary delegated act after summer.

The EU Commission continues to conceive the real economy as a virtual activity, some sort of game. Face with this situation, it is key to join forces and create a mass effect. Jointly signing position papers will not suffice; a transversal, massive advocacy campaign needs to be developed with a clear media angle.

Download the full Taxonomy Alliance Action Plan 2021-2022

Interested in joining forces for a fair taxonomy taking into account the views of the real economy? Please contact Daniel Guéguen +32 474 37 74 42 Vicky Marissen +32 496 61 84 03

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