EPPA appoints new Senior Account Manager and strengthens its team and strategy ahead of 2021.

Julie Van Tongerloo joins EPPA from Nestlé to strengthen expertise in areas such as sustainability and food.

EPPA is proud to announce that Julie Van Tongerloo has joined the team of EPPA, reinforcing the expertise in key areas such as sustainability, environmental policy, food, and health.

In her role as Nutrition Health & Wellness (NHW) manager for Nestlé Belgilux, Julie’s priority concerned the roll-out of the group’s NHW strategy, while rhyming it to the specifics of the Belgilux market.

With this goal in mind, she took charge of pertinent public affairs files, facilitated interdepartmental collaboration ensuring product compliance with both local and European legislation, and coordinated projects under the “Nestlé for Healthier Kids" flagship, profiling the organization as a reliable partner in the quest for a well-balanced lifestyle for the youngest generation.

Meglena Milhova, managing partner at EPPA, believes that with the incorporation of Julie Van Tongerloo “we have completed a strong team which can truly serve as link between businesses and governments attending to the demands of civil society”.

With expertise mainly in the fields of food, health and environment, her ambition is to assist these respective industries in overcoming the challenges of the rapidly changing EU policy environment. The approach she believes to be most effective in this, in addition to understanding the EU’s ambitions, is for companies to start with having full clarity on their company-own mission and strategy.

Additionally, with themes such as Circular Economy and Green Growth having added an overarching layer of sustainability to the many EU policy areas, Julie sees an ever-growing role for reliable partnerships (with intra-sector, as well as cross-sector, and public-private dimensions) to enable its effective integration into society’s DNA. She aspires to contribute to this undoubtedly enriching process.

About EPPA: EPPA is a specialist management consultancy established in 1987 that assists clients in managing alignment between business, European Union institutions and governments, while also considering research and technology developments and social-cultural shifts. EPPA´s purpose is creating added value for society arising out of any engagement between businesses and governments. www.eppa.com

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