EPPA speaking at the Nutraceuticals Europe – Summit & Expo 2020

On 3rd and 4th March, our colleagues Eduardo Mulas and Alex Bocquillion participated in the 4th edition of the Nutraceuticals Europe Summit, in Madrid, Spain. Nutraceuticals Europe provides an ideal platform for disseminating the values of functional ingredients, novel foods and finished products, and their contribution to the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The event provided support in promoting the marketing of products, encouraging debate on trends and innovation.

EPPA’s Eduardo Mulas (Partner) and Alex Bocquillion (Account Manager) presented two panels during the NTC Next Congress. Their first contribution introduced the new European political context falling into place and provided insights into the labyrinth that is the regulation-making process alongside the greener priorities of the new European Commission and the European Parliament. They provided a broad understanding of the new dynamics and priorities as well as what implications could be expected for the nutraceuticals industry.

The second panel focused on a presentation highlighting the possibilities toward an (unavoidable?) EU regulatory framework for nutraceuticals. They compared the balance between the potential development of a well-drafted regulatory framework at EU level which could further stimulate competitiveness, innovation & investment in the sector and the risks which could also emerge from an ill-drafted regulation. They addressed possible scenarios of a potential future legislation at EU level addressing nutraceuticals, including specific cases of similar precedents under other regulatory frameworks (Novel Food Regulation, Biostimulants, New Genomic Techniques …).

EPPA was honoured to participate in such an exceptional event and to be amongst top-level speakers reflecting on innovation, trends and the future during Nutraceuticals Europe’s scientific congress. We are looking forward to next year’s edition and joining forces again with Nutraceuticals Europe in this unique venue.

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