EPPA participates in ChemCon The Americas 2020

From 2nd to 6th of March, our colleagues Meglena Mihova, Julius Waller and Rudy Colacicco, participated in ChemCon 2020. ChemCon The Americas 2020 took place in Philadelphia (United States of America) and offered international conferences and seminars on Chemical Control Legislation and Trade Aspects.

EPPA´s managing partner Meglena Mihova delivered a speech on Safe use of chemicals in the chemical universe. Her contribution detailed the latest RoHS trends around the globe. Considering the emerging importance of Chemical control in Asian countries and the growing importance of chemical products from this region in a more globalized world, Meglena also delivered a keynote speech on Chemical control legislation in the Asia Pacific region focusing on Eurasian REACH developments.

EPPA´s partner Julius Waller chaired an important session on “Managing business impact in the global supply chain of key regulations with stakeholders” and also another session on “Global approach to new chemicals and polymers”.

Our Socio-economic analysis expert, Dr. Rudy Colacicco presented how regulatory officers should prepare their companies and internal departments to gather information and data in order to file a REACH application for authorization. During his presentation called “Don’t be on the high seas with SEA – Socio Economic Analysis – how to be timely prepared for the application of authorisation”, many tips were provided, from the first contact with the economist drafting the SEA to the questions you should be able to reply to, from the data needs to how your company can improve the drafting process.

EPPA is proud to partner with the world’s leading global conference series in the field of chemical control regulation that brings together experts of competent authorities, international organizations and institutions as well as politicians, scientific experts, lawyers and companies.

Mrs Mihova, Mrs Henry, Mrs Bercaru and Mrs Gainey speakers during Session 3 of ChemCon 2020 on Safe use of chemicals in the chemical universe

Mrs Mihova, Mrs Henry, Mrs Bercaru and Mrs Gainey

Speakers during Session 3 on Safe use of chemicals in the chemical universe

*Click here to watch the interview on REACH Authorisations from November 2018, where our partner Julius Waller and Jeff Schatz from Thermo Fisher Scientific provided an insight in the business challenges of REACH authorisation.

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