Constructive Dialogue with Margaritis Schinas, Chief EU Commission Spokesperson

On the 7th of June, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Margaritis Schinas, European Commission´s Chief Spokesperson and Deputy Director-General – Directorate-General "Communication" (COMM), for a debate on the future of the European Union after the elections held in May 2019.

The European Citizens were called for an important election between the 23rd and the 26th of May which will define the political future of the European Union for the next 5 years.

It was said back in 2014 that the European project was facing its biggest challenge of its history and today we can say that the EU has successfully navigated through a period of great difficulty.

Today the European Union is in a completely different scenario: the Brexit “saga” it’s almost finished, and a spinoff of the same story is about to begin with a UK outside the Union. The system established in 2014 to choose the next President of the EU Commission known as “Spitzenkandidat” has been put into question even by some political parties in the European Parliament and by some Member States. The irruption of new parties in the European Parliament will disrupt for the first time an existing balance between the Social-democrats parties and the Christian-democrats, which among other things balanced the distribution of the Commissioners or the presidency of the European Parliament. And finally, the lead candidates to the position of Commission President are advocating for Parliament to have more powers in the form of legislative initiative while some Members of the European Council believe that a reform of the treaties is needed.

In the middle of this scenario businesses and citizens, which want to know what to expect from the next European Union after the elections.

Margaritis Schinas has been working at the European Commission since 1990 and is today “the voice” of the European Commission and the link between society and the European executive power. With an impressive experience and deep knowledge of the European Union, and as a front line witness of the European dynamics of the last years, he provided an analysis from his point of view on the outcome of the 2019 EU elections and the future of the European Commission and Parliament.

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