EPPA and PACT European Affairs merge their services and networks.

PRESS RELEASE - EPPA and PACT European Affairs merge their services and networks and relaunch ‘The European Training Institute’ (ETI)

EPPA and PACT European Affairs are two ‘continental’ EU affairs consultancies in a post-Brexit EU. Operating on the basis of a very similar culture, both firms are built upon technical, political and strategic expertise, an international clientele, multicultural teams, long-standing advocacy experience and an intimate knowledge of EU decision-making both in Brussels and in the Member states.

Based on these common foundations, both companies have seen an opportunity for perfect synergy. By merging, EPPA and PACT European Affairs will seamlessly unite their expertise, their networks and their services.

The combined understanding of EU procedures and related networks will offer our present and future clients comprehensive assistance (political, strategic, legal, technical and in mediation) across the decision-making process, in the policy-shaping and legislative phase as well as during the implementation stage.

The merger will allow EPPA, already advising numerous large groups in the agro-chemical, seeds and fertilizers sector, to strengthen its European footprint in the agricultural field given Daniel Guéguen’s expertise as former COPA-COGECA Secretary General. With its expertise in the pharmaceutical field, PACT will further reinforce EPPA’s leadership position.

PACT will also bring to EPPA its rich catalogue of publications, its team, its Newsletter (Comitology.eu) and its visibility on social media. This adds up to several EPPA publications made available notably via its academic network.

Concerning EU training, Stefan Schepers – Chairman of EPPA, Professor at Henley Business School (Reading University), former Director-General of the European Institute of Public Administration at Maastricht (EIPA) – and Daniel Guéguen – founder of the European Training Institute – will be developing a range of trainings under the European Training Institute brand, still today a well-known brand in Brussels.

Daniel Guéguen and Vicky Marissen will be continuing with their academic activities at the College of Europe in Bruges and Natolin. They will be Associate Partner and Partner at EPPA respectively, and look forward to embarking on an especially stimulating business project.

EPPA is the oldest independent and self-owned specialist consultancy in Brussels, advising on the interactions between governments and EU institutions and business, with a focus on constructive dialogue and innovation.


Meglena Mihova | meglena.mihova@eppa.com | Tel. +32 494 07 35 86

Daniel Guéguen | daniel.gueguen@eppa.com | Tel. +32 474 37 74 42

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