Publication: Revolutionising EU Innovation Policy

EPPA was chosen by the Polish Council Presidency in 2011 to manage the work of the independent, tripartite High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management.

The High Level Group was set up to advise the European Council, Competitiveness Council and the European Commission on how to improve the framework conditions for innovation in Europe.

The Group's two reports and recommendations continue to influence ongoing reform processes. Given the very positive reception of its work, the HLG was asked to continue its work and focus on key reform areas: industry 4.0; the circular economy; and governance system innovation.

In order to make the work of the High Level Group accessible to a wider public, its chairman Klaus Gretschmann and Secretary-General Stefan Schepers decided to co-edit a book.

Further information can be found here: leaflet_-_book_revolutionising_eu_innovation_policy_co-editors_k.gretschmann_-_s._schepers_august_2016.pdf

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