World Conference on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship

Istanbul University, 21 May 2016

Having spoken last year at the first International Conference on Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, organised by Istanbul University, Stefan Schepers was invited again at a preparatory conference for the second International Conference in 2017. Also Julius Waller was invited to speak.

The event was opened by the Turkish State Secretary for Industry, Science and Technology, Hasan Ali Celek. It brought together a number of academics, public officials and businesspeople. Besides Turkish companies, Bloomberg and EPPA sponsored the meeting.Together with Professor Ali Akdemir, Stefan steered a discussion on the innovation capacity of Turkey; the SWOT analysis resulting will serve as the basis for further work.

Julius and Stefan also took part in a panel on the necessity of developing innovation ecosystems, dealing respectively with the concept and criteria of innovation ecosystems, as developed by the High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management, and with the practical management of corporate innovation processes.

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