EU institutions and governments face the challenge of managing the complexity brought by new technologies, cross-fertilization between economic sectors, globalization of supply and distribution chains, the consequences of climate change, and conflicting citizens’ demands, to name but a few. This requires innovative forms of collaboration between governance, business and research.


The EU has therefore embarked on a policy of better regulation in recent years. More systemic innovations are needed, requiring collaboration between all parties in the regulation-shaping or re-shaping process, cultural and operational change, administrative redesign, new forms of consultation, leadership, policy coherence, smart specializations, to name but a few. It also demands stimulating social capital for innovation. To achieve all this, process management is key in order to identify the open or hidden blockages in traditional systems which are all too often purely transactional driven and path dependent.


Experts agree that better regulatory architectures do not come easily. But only through a transition from linear and silo thinking within national governments, EU institutions ,and between them, and transition towards foresight, transversal and agile strategies involving all key stakeholders, allows the first place industry which has to operate within them to progress forward. EPPA, by its culture and experience, is well placed to act as a change agent and it has a proven track record well regarded in the public and private sector alike.

Rather than being surprised by new regulatory proposals, it is thus necessary not only to be prepared for them, but to be able enter the process at a time when it is most likely to have a constructive and responsible impact.

EPPA plays a key role in this process by analysing potential policy scenarios, and examining their likely consequences for a particular business sector. We help clients to manage and prepare for the risk and opportunity inherent in an upcoming change of  policy, and assist them in engaging with the authorities to build a new regulatory architecture for their market.

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