We help businesses and governments to shape a regulatory environment in which they can interact with each other maximizing positive outcomes for society.

Governments and markets interact continuously. Corporations which master this inter-dependence strengthen their social contract and create greater added value. Governments with collaboration mechanisms designed to advance the general interest as well as competitiveness bring growth, welfare and stability to their countries.

EPPA operates throughout these value chains, from the phase of research & development (in business) and the development of framework conditions for innovation (by governments), through the design of regulatory architectures with mutual benefits for business and society, and the issues arising during compliance.

By its own permanent learning and interaction with think tanks, research organisations or business schools, EPPA remains in tune with the deep shifts in economy and society. In doing so, it helps to avoid regulatory path dependency, which is the main cause of unnecessary regulatory burdens and of hurdles to innovation and competitiveness.

EPPA’s Ethical Code establishes our company values. We consider such code of good business practice to be part of our license to do business and it supports our reputation as a responsible consultancy compliance.

Regulation Shaping & Compliance
Policy Shaping &
Corporate Positioning

All services are tailor made, providing the agility required in today’s volatile, uncertain and ambiguous operating environments.