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Renato Addis

A study in 2012 by Cranfield School of Management for the Academy of Business in Society has shown that corporations (at executive and board levels) understand little about complexity and formal and informal nature of the European policy-making process.

As a consequence they do not adequately scan and analyse important political signals that could have profound implications for their core business.

Renato Addis helps them to integrate political developments into corporate strategy and to reduce their vulnerability to regulatory and political change. His experiences working for the European Commission’s External Affairs Directorate, representing them in the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions, has made him a polished diplomat for business clients, focused political intelligence and recognition that only sustainable agreements serve the long term interest of clients.

Since joining EPPA in 1995, Renato Addis has specialised in highly regulated and complex industry sectors, bridging specific client interests with broader political and socio-economic imperatives. He has much experience with steering dedicated client-consultant teams in pan-European operations which have delivered solutions for clients active in diverse sectors such as sport and pleasure, animal health and welfare, or financial services.

Before this career change, his research concentrated on EU financial services, on Single Market issues in general and the liberalisation of the EU financial services sector. He had various assignments related to the EU and Dutch life insurance and pension sector before moving to Brussels.

He has occupied various functions in the American Chamber of Commerce in Europe, while his voluntary work concentrates on Mazungumzo - the African Forum in Brussels. He was also EPPA’s responsible for the establishment of the European Transparency Register.

Renato Addis holds a Masters degree in International and European Law from Leiden University (NL) and various additional certificates in Dutch Law. He is fluent in Dutch, English, French and German and his ancestry has also left some Italian.


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