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With our publications we want to contribute to a deeper knowledge of the processes among the EU and share our expertise in different areas.


From specific sectoral areas to complex labyrinths in the EU decision making process, EPPA has a deep knowledge of the different processes involved in the EU.


Innovation, Governance and Entrepreneurship: How Do They Evolve in Middle Income Countries?

This book analyses the effects of technological development, innovation, entrepreneurship and governance in middle income countries, such as Turkey, in detail. How to best practise innovation and entrepreneurship, which many researchers and policy makers believe to be the main drivers of economic growth and development, has become a fiercely-debated topic.


Revolutionising EU Innovation Policy: Pioneering the Future

The purpose of this ground-breaking book is to inspire the principle of innovation as a permeating program for Europe’s societies. After demonstrating early success from the realization of a single market and single currency, the European cooperation process is falling short of delivering much needed results in policy areas which are key for sustainable economic growth and employment, notably innovation policy.


Rethinking the Future of Europe

Rethinking the Future of Europe has brought together three contrasting collections of contributions: the incrementalist perspective concerning the step by step development of Europe, the more radical reform/restructuring approach to the future of Europe, and a view of Europe from the outside.

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Handbook on EU Secondary Legislation - 2020 EDITION (EN)

How are delegated acts and implementing acts adopted in 2020? Find out with EPPA’s Handbook on EU Secondary Legislation. Visual, concise, easy to understand, with all the latest developments including Better Regulation and Comitology Reform.


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EU FINANCIAL SERVICES - The Ins and out of the Decision making Process (EN)

With this new book – the first of its kind – we provide you with a visual, understandable overview of the EU system of financial services regulation. What is an RTS, an ITS, a delegated act? How are they adopted? Who drafts and who scrutinises? EU Financial Services: The ins and outs of the Decision-making Process will answer these questions, helping you master the labyrinth and increase your ability to operate effectively in this complex environment.


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Reshaping European lobbying (EN/FR)

With the Lisbon Treaty and new institutional practices, lobbying in the EU is becoming more complex, more opaque, more ad hoc and more legal. This book analyses in depth the radical transformation of the drafting, adoption and implementation phases of EU decision-making.


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The Euro: Europe's construction or destruction?

Written in 2003 by Daniel Guéguen and Juan Carlos Gonzalez Alvarez, a journalist specialised in monetary affairs at the Europolitics news agency, this book predicted the many difficulties that the euro has faced in recent times and those which await it in the future.

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The New Practical Guide to the EU Labyrinth (EN/FR)

Now FREE, the Practical Guide to the EU Labyrinth has, since its first edition in 1992, been published in 20 languages, with over 100,000 copies distributed. Completely updated by Daniel Guéguen and Vicky Marissen to integrate the many changes introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, the ‘New’ Practical Guide is intended for European students and professionals and presents in 128 very clear pages, with multiple diagrams and examples, everything you need to know about the structures, powers and procedures of the European Union in 2017.

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The Orphacol Saga - a Case Study by Daniel Guéguen (EN/FR)

The whole story of how a small pharmaceutical laboratory stood up for its rights against the European Commission to obtain marketing authorisation for an orphan medecine.

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Comitology: Hijacking European Power? (EN/FR)

This very educational little book explains how the Lisbon Treaty has made the EU decision-making processes (delegated acts and implementing acts) more complex, contributing to the emergence of a bureaucratic Europe at the expense of political Europe. The final 20 pages of the book are devoted to the ‘Orphacol Saga’ which for more than 1,000 days saw a small pharmaceutical laboratory battle against the Commission’s Health DG to achieve the registration of an orphan drug. The Orphacol case is one of the most striking examples of comitology.

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European Lobbying

Written in 2004, this book remains a useful tool for a deep analysis of the advocacy groups in the EU. In particular, the book addresses in depth the question of how to enhance the functioning of a European association. Daniel Guéguen’s reflections and comments remain relevant. For example, the 60-question grid will allow you to analyse your advocacy performance in just of a few minutes.

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