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Peter Street

Delivering value through innovative and high value research and development has been at the forefront of Peter Street’s career.

Spanning over 30 years of top level management of science-driven product development and regulatory compliance for multi-national companies and SME’s, Peter understands the need to follow process with dialogue to achieve maximum returns.

Having had to operate across a number of governance systems which do not facilitate a well functioning Single Market, and being confronted by a view on public governance by business, limited to regulatory and administrative process rather than the mentoring and appreciation of the search for the Common Good, he knows the challenges to realise competitive advantage.

In his previous positions with Syngenta, Dow, Danisco and Anitox, he realised that the real challenges go beyond the innovative science, and these days success rests with managing the knowledge, skill and networks who regulate and decide current and future policies. Whether it is in the EU or elsewhere, the competitive advantage he brings is in the marriage of scientific product development to long lasting robust and collaborative regulatory architectures.

As Vice President of the US based company Anitox, Peter has led the strategy and directed the effort to release 6 new products in 3 years and obtain timely registration approvals, while spearheading the dialogue at the EU level for product acceptance through the long and challenging biocide and feed additive processes.

He holds a BSc (Honours) degree in Agricultural Botany (Reading University, UK), a PhD (University of London, UK) in Plant Pathology, and held 3 Science Fellowships in the UK (Bath University, University of London) and Canada (Guelph University) and a Barbinder Scholarship (Cornell University, USA).

Peter is the author of over 30 publications and 10 patents.

He operates in English and French.


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