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Pascal Michaux

Despite extensive compliance systems, research has shown that directors and managers often appear almost emotionally paralyzed to address known concerns timely and unwelcome policy or regulatory challenges are allowed to damage the enterprise.

Aligning often sharply contrasting stakeholder views and interests, and developing sustainable solutions in a multi-cultural and multi-layered context, such as the European Union and its 28 Member States, requires deep understanding of the mind-sets of your interlocutors and an ability to detect early on the nature and the process towards a compromise which benefits both the company and the public interest.

This skill is nowhere more useful than in highly regulated sectors. Pascal Michaux has used his analytical and negotiating talents precisely there where business if often most challenged by complex and highly political regulations. Thus, he has substantially contributed to the development of the regulatory architecture of the chemical, agro-chemical, biocidal, fertilisers & cosmetics legislations to name some. These Regulations tend to often become global standards thereafter. Approval of substances is also a core activity of Pascal Michaux in all the above-listed areas including the classification of actives, a today’s hot topic.

His talent for developing win-win outcomes has led him to be at the forefront of innovative thinking about key European policy concepts such as sustainable use, negligible exposure, risk versus hazard and others. His bridge building with public authorities has been much appreciated in Brussels and in national capitals where he is permanently active. He is consulted by all sides how to overcome techno-phobia and develop acceptable risk management.

Over 20 years of experience have given him deep insights about the links between science and innovation and the inter-action between the chemical and the food & consumer sectors, and this has extended his work to the benefit of companies and authorities.

He manages EPPA’s long running Dialogue Lunch program, which brings together key officials or politicians and invited business managers for a relaxed exchange of views under Chatham House rules.

Having spent the first phase of his career as a lawyer in Asia, he now operates on behalf of and with clients in particular in Japan, Southeast Asia, and China.


Pascal Michaux holds a Masters degree in law from the Louvain Catholic University (Belgium) and a M.A. in Intercultural Management from the ICHEC Brussels Management School. He is fluent in French, English, Italian and Dutch with passive knowledge of Spanish.


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