Parvoleta Luleva

Parvoleta Luleva has an extensive experience as a regulator and implementer in the field of EU, national and international legislation in chemical safety working for more than 14 years for the Bulgarian government. Her expertise covers the whole range of regulations and multilateral environmental agreements in the field of chemicals, applicable in the EU up to date. Over that time, she has been a member of international, European Commission, ECHA and national committees and working groups. She was a Member of the Management Board of ECHA (2015-2017) and Chair of the Competent Authority’s expert groups on REACH and CLP (2007-2017).


Development and implementation of the legislation gave her an opportunity to work closely with all stakeholders, including other legislators, implementing authorities, industry and NGOs. This process has thought her to walk in the shoes of the different players and to seek for working solutions in the best interest of the society, ensuring the protection of the environment and supporting the sustainable future of the industry.

In her work at EPPA, Parvoleta Luleva is devoted to the support of industry in executing its responsibility for the safety of its products and in shifting towards sustainable production and use of chemicals, so their investments become a leverage for the competiveness and innovation.

Parvoleta holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Chemical Technology of Sofia and a European Master’s degree in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development from the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy of Sofia, a European universities collaborative program.

She speaks Bulgarian, English and Russian.