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Daniel Guéguen, associated partner at EPPA, in the radio program "Au Bout du Jour"

Our colleague Daniel Guéguen took part in the radio program “Au Bout du Jour” on La Première, hosted by Eddy Caekelberghs. During this interview, Daniel Guéguen shares some insights on the EU Green Deal and the impact of Covid-19. He discusses other themes such as the EU budget, the future of the euro, the institutional square as well as the NGO-Industry relationship and the principle of precaution vs. innovation. (Re) listen to the show here Only available in French.

Webinar Invitation “EU Innovation Fund: How to unlock this new, business-oriented opportunity?”

EPPA kindly invites you to a webinar “EU Innovation Fund: How to unlock this new, business-oriented opportunity?”. The first call for proposals for the Innovation Fund was launched in July by the Commission. The Innovation Fund aims at supporting the development and scaling-up of innovative low-carbon technologies in Europe, in a wide range of sectors, including energy and energy-intensive industries (metals, construction, transport, chemicals, paper, etc.), renewables, storage, and all innovative technologies that contribute in one way or another to GHG emissions reduction. This funding instrument presents a unique opportunity for companies in terms of available budget (total €1 billion u

Comitology Newsletter Expert Groups Edition

The Comitology Newsletter is a 4-page summary of the month’s most important developments in EU secondary legislation. This edition focuses on expert groups. Main news this month: - Expert groups: a source of confusion in EU governance - Expert groups: a rapidly expanding form of consultation - Expert groups are active in the upstream and downstream phases - A mixture of public and private may sit an on expert group Download the full document here - English version

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