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Comitology Newsletter February 2020

The Comitology Newsletter is a 4-page summary of the month’s most important developments in EU secondary legislation. Main news this month: - Without audacity there will be no Green Deal - Parliament rejects RPS measure on lead in recycled PVC - Trilogues on Lisbonisation Part II get underway - Lisbonisation: the never-ending story - Rapporteur Szájer presents draft report on comitology reform Download the full document here

EPPA speaking at the Nutraceuticals Europe – Summit & Expo 2020

On 3rd and 4th March, our colleagues Eduardo Mulas and Alex Bocquillion participated in the 4th edition of the Nutraceuticals Europe Summit, in Madrid, Spain. Nutraceuticals Europe provides an ideal platform for disseminating the values of functional ingredients, novel foods and finished products, and their contribution to the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The event provided support in promoting the marketing of products, encouraging debate on trends and innovation. EPPA’s Eduardo Mulas (Partner) and Alex Bocquillion (Account Manager) presented two panels during the NTC Next Congress. Their first contribution introduced the new European political context falling into place an

EPPA’s Morten Petersen on LN24 News channel - Brexit & Future Relations

On Tuesday 3rd of March, Belgian TV News Channel LN24 “Pour Info” invited our colleague Morten Petersen, Senior Account Manager, to speak on the future EU UK relations in the context of the first negotiation round of this second stage negotiations after the conclusion end January of the withdrawal. EPPA’s Trade & Brexit expert, Morten Petersen, gave a clear vision of what this first round of second stage negotiations looked like and how we can expect these negotiations to go forward. During nearly an hour, Morten Petersen and LN24 financial market consultant, Tara Bendo, exchanged views on the technical negotiation between EU and UK outlining details on the challenges of these discussions an

EPPA participates in ChemCon The Americas 2020

From 2nd to 6th of March, our colleagues Meglena Mihova, Julius Waller and Rudy Colacicco, participated in ChemCon 2020. ChemCon The Americas 2020 took place in Philadelphia (United States of America) and offered international conferences and seminars on Chemical Control Legislation and Trade Aspects. EPPA´s managing partner Meglena Mihova delivered a speech on Safe use of chemicals in the chemical universe. Her contribution detailed the latest RoHS trends around the globe. Considering the emerging importance of Chemical control in Asian countries and the growing importance of chemical products from this region in a more globalized world, Meglena also delivered a keynote speech on Chemical c

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