EPPA has the capacity to operate all across Europe

Theophano Foundation

The Foundation, established in Thessaloniki, awards the annual Theophano Prize, named after the Byzantine Princess who became German Empress in the 10th century. It rewards individuals or organisations which have made or are making an outstanding contribution to the understanding and bridging of Europe’s historic diversities.

The Prize pays particular attention to improving mutual understanding of the historic roots of the former East and West Roman Empires and of their impact on contemporary cooperation within Europe and with its neighbourhood. Twenty centuries of history are not erased by twenty years of EU membership, as multiple tensions demonstrate. EPPA’s experiences in the new Member States motivated it to support the launch.

See www.theophano.eu

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AmCham EU

Transatlantic trade relations we follow through our active participation in:

AmCham, the American Business Chamber in Europe: the voice of American companies committed to Europe on trade, investment and competitiveness issues, facilitating the resolution of transatlantic issues that impact business and creating better understanding of EU and US positions on policy and regulatory matters.

Cámara de Comercio de España

Over the last decade, the Spanish economy has experienced a profound transformation that has allowed the country to grow at the highest rates in the EU. The overcoming of the economic crisis in the last decade has changed the way the Spanish companies develop new ways of thinking for the corporate strategies, which understand that competitiveness at a global and European scale has to be regained through sustainable strategies which take into consideration the important regulatory and policy trends.