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Meglena Mihova

Having participated in the accession negotiations of her native country, Meglena Mihova brings a deep insight in the role and functioning of the EU Member States, the deal making among them, and the resulting challenges and opportunities for business.


She was member of government working groups during the Bulgarian EU accession preparations. This experience gave her a rare understanding of the interplay between corporate strategies focused on markets and the need for their parallel alignment with public interests, be it government or civic society ones. It also taught her that economies in transition require extensive innovation and strategic agility in government and business in order to have a chance to leap-frog to the average levels of competitiveness and welfare in a Single Market.

Since joining EPPA, Meglena Mihova works on the interplay between legal design and implementation of regulations and the wider political and economic context. Her preferred fields of work are still trade and the management of the complex government-business preparation processes in association or accession candidate countries. Highly technical rules underpin global trade in every business sector, they result from often highly charged political negotiations requiring analytical insight in the drivers in governments defining the Commission mandates to negotiate trade agreements. To identify these early on can make a change to the bottom-line for years to come.

But in addition she became a leading expert on ecological policy development and regulatory implementation, leading EPPA’s unparalleled practice on the REACH. The EU’s substance approval mechanisms are perhaps the world’s most sophisticated but also complex one which require a comprehensive know how to succeed. Her combined know how makes her now a sought after advisor on ecological strategy, and issues such as sourcing, marketing positioning and investment decisions.

This brought her to chair the Environment Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce EU, the leading US business representation body in the EU, and to be a regular speaker and author about chemical sector regulation.

Meglena Mihova has a master degree in international and European law from the University Paris II Pantheon-Assas and graduated thereafter at the Institute de Hautes Etudes Internationales in Paris. She speaks Bulgarian, Russian, French, English and Spanish.

Since 2014 she is EPPA managing partner.