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Julius Waller

His extensive experience as a competition lawyer in handling the complex interface between legal, economic and political aspects of anti-trust and merger & acquisition cases has brought Julius Waller a grateful following of top managers from corporations whose problems he helped to solve.

Analyzing a case is an important element of success, but the right political instinct, and his believe in it, is a rare addition which has given him a 100% success rate since nearly 20 years, be it by helping clients to obtain approval for their merger or acquisition, or successfully defending clients from hostile takeover attempts. Moving early in the procedure beyond the strict legal approach, he helps European and national authorities to take a comprehensive view of the case and of many potential scenarios in the market in which it plays out. This in turn contributes to the general interest.

Since joining EPPA, Julius Waller has enjoyed also working on developing the regulatory architecture for high technology sectors, be it telecommunications, chemistry or computing technologies; or in ensuring economically sensible application of existing regulations. In line with EPPA’s approach of serving the public and the private interest simultaneously by intertwining them in a constructive dialogue, his sector knowledge made him an equally trusted advisor to public authorities, and some of his work, for example on socio-economic studies in the context of regulatory implementations, has become the accepted standard for the industry sector concerned.

Julius Waller’s expertise and experience allows clients to maintain strategic focus when working in multi-layered governance systems such as the EU. It allows him to guide clients through the complex interplay between the EU institutions and Member States’ governments, complicated ‘comitology’ procedures and a myriad of committees, made up of national and EU officials, which implement regulations.

He achieved a place even in Euro history, by intervening on behalf of the vendor machine business in redesigning €0.20 cent and €0.50 cent coins and ensuring that also blind people could safely distinguish between them.

Before joining EPPA, he served as Deputy Secretary General of the large Dutch Publishers Association.

Julius Waller holds a Master degree in European Competition Law from the University of Leiden (NL) where he graduated in 1991. He is fluent in Dutch, English, French, and German and speaks reasonable Portuguese, a memory from a childhood in Brazil.

He is a director of EPPA.