European Supervisory Authorities, regulatory technical standards, expert groups, delegated acts…when working on EU financial services, these terms might ring a bell or even be familiar to you. But do you have a thorough, operational understanding of how they fit together?


With this in mind, EPPA and APCO Worldwide have decided to combine their procedural and technical expertise in the field of European financial services by publishing a new book, the first of its kind.

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With this new book – the first of its kind – EPPA and APCO Worldwide have combined their procedural and topical expertise to provide you with a visual, understandable overview of the EU system of financial services regulation. What is an RTS, an ITS, a delegated act? How are they adopted? Who drafts and who scrutinises? EU Financial Services: The ins and outs of the Decision-making Process will answer these questions, helping you master the labyrinth and increase your ability to lobby effectively in this complex environment.

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