EPPA’s Ethical Code establishes our company values in a transparent fashion.

Like other leading companies around the world, we consider such codes of good business practice to be part of our license to do business and it supports our reputation as a responsible consultancy.


EPPA, its partners and staff, will:

  • in all circumstances and with all officials be fully transparent about the interests which they represent and the objectives which they seek to achieve;

  • not use improper methods, such as false or exaggerated assertions or manipulative propaganda;

  • always seek to develop fair compromises between the European public interest and private interests.

EPPA, its partners and staff support basic democratic and civic rights in the EU and basic social and environmental standards in EU policies. They seek to combine these rights and standards with policy that increases competitiveness and responsible market functioning.

EPPA, its partners and staff will not work for companies:

  • which violate the Human Rights Principles for Companies of Amnesty International;

  • which violate social rights (Standards set by the International Labour Office);

  • which are involved in corrupt practices;

  • without a sustainability policy and practice (such as the Dow Jones or FTSE Sustainability index criteria);

  • seeking to defend products, services or practices which are clearly unsustainable from the point of view of the consumer or environmental safety;

  • seeking to defend monopolies, cartels or any other form of abuse of economic dominance.

EPPA, its partners and staff will:

  • not work for governments which systematically undermine human rights (based on Annual Reports of Amnesty International and of Human Rights Watch);

  • not work for governments with high levels of corruption (based on Transparency International reports);

  • work for clients in such countries, if required, taking due care not to become associated with practices which we disapprove of, and provided that clients’ good business practices are in line with our own.

Individual partners and staff may apply stricter criteria, without hindering the normal conduct of business. They may not, however, ignore any of the provisions contained in the EPPA Code of good practice.


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