Empress Theophano Prize, the awarding of Dr Uğur Şahin and Dr Özlem Türeci

The 2nd Empress Theophano Prize will be awarded on 13th October to the couple which developed the first covid-vaccine, dr. Uğur Şahin and dr. Özlem Türeci. The Prize was awarded by a European jury chaired by Herman Count Van Rompuy, the former President of the European Council. The President of Greece, Ms. Sakerallopoulou, will attend the ceremony in the historic Grand Rotunda of Thessaloniki.

The prize results from an initiative taken by EPPA, which also sponsored the setting up of the Theophano Foundation. See www.theophano.eu It aims to honour people which made a contribution to bridging the historic cultural divides in Europe, in particular in the realms of education, science and culture.

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