Eduardo Mulas’ participation in the Congrès Biocides

Eduardo Mulas, partner at EPPA, will participate in the Congrès Biocides in Lyon, which this year will focus on Biocides regulation in practice.

On Tuesday 6 October, Eduardo will give a presentation on SA dossiers: the importance of exchanges between stakeholders in the process, possible impacts on biocidal products and other sectors.

In the context of the Green Deal and the upcoming legislative and regulatory changes under the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability and the reviews of the CLP Regulation, Eduardo will speak on the importance and need to proactively engage with EU and national policy-makers, stakeholders across sectors, civil society actors and technical and scientific institutions to steer to successfully navigate throughout the increasingly complex and challenging approval process of Biocidal active substances under the EU´s Biocides Products Regulation.

Note that the event will be held in French.


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