Companies today recognise that their license to operate is dependent on governments – whether EU or national – and their electorates. The challenge corporations face is that their core organisational structure is meant to meet the needs of their markets, not the operations of governance systems. Hence there is often a dichotomy in the management of their government interactions between head office and local offices.

EPPA's know-how results from over three decades of working with multi-national corporations and governments or EU institutions. However, their modus operandi is complex and implies formal procedures and informal ones, different political and administrative cultures, and multiple state interests, often not directly related to the case but relevant nevertheless. In the EU it also required to operate in a timely and coordinated way within the different policy and decision-making networks and their political-administrative cultures.   

Companies are organised to sell products or services, not to interact with governments. When governments interfere in the companies’ operations they are often at a loss on how to manage this complex relationship.

Corporate level priorities must be set by senior management and supported throughout an organisation. This means that the rewards for achieving these goals must also be shared by all.

EPPA can assist top-management in developing internal steering and coordination mechanisms for handling public and government affairs at multiple levels effectively and in synchronisation with European political processes. It has designed such management systems for many large corporations with proven effectiveness.

EPPA has the experience as well as the tact to deal with the fractious problem of keeping the economic success of local initiative whilst not losing site of global priorities.


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