EPPA operates with a fundamentally different methodology:

it patiently builds win-win outcomes through constructive dialogue, mutual trust and engagement.

  • Between governments and companies there are today often cognitive gaps, resulting mainly from rapid market, scientific and technological developments. Companies can choose the power of empathy to build a permanent dialogue with EU institutions and governments and other societal stakeholders. This dialogue will help public decision-makers and stakeholders understand the company’s interests and public value and integrate them in their views.​

  • In Europe today, the role of the EU Commission as a change agent and of the European Council to define the goals for the European Common Good is more important than ever. Bridges need to be build between all of them to achieve alignment about the roles of public and private sector for the Common Good.

  • The condition to this approach is the acknowledgment that shareholder value creation and the public interest (the Common Good) are complimentary forces, like sustainability and innovation are too. Aligning private interests with the public interest achieves long-term competitive advantage in multiple ways.

  • EPPA helps companies develop balanced and responsible solutions that are both beneficial to clients and acceptable to decision-makers. This approach helps companies to position themselves as thought leaders in their sector.

  • It does require to take into account the present need for governance and regulatory systems innovations, which EPPA contributes to in various ways as well, making it an equally trusted partner for public institutions.

  • A strong but considerate presence in political and societal networks, learning organisations and think tanks is therefore an important asset to continuously stay ahead of developments and to give clients up-to-date advice.