Christoph Katz’s participation in the International Akademie Fresenius Conference on Microplastics

Christoph Katz, Senior Advisor at EPPA and Non-Executive Board Member, will participate in the 2nd International Akademie Fresenius Conference focussing this year on “Microplastics”: Regulatory Update, Identification and Risk Assessment, held on 9 & 10 September 2021.

On Thursday 9 September 2021, starting at 15.45 CEST, Christoph will give a presentation on Intentionally Added Microplastics:

Challenges of implementing the proposed restriction: Experiences from the consulting sector.

He will elaborate on these few points:

  • Scope and exceptions
  • Identification, analysis and reporting
  • Perspective on status, timelines, transition periods and opportunities.

Note that a fee is charged by Akademie Fresenius for the overall programme.

Find the full conference program and registration procedure here:

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