Christoph Katz

Christoph Katz has broad global experience in specialty chemicals (agrochemicals, construction chemicals, CASB and others), base chemicals, energy and resources, Engineering Plastics as well as food & beverage ingredients. He also has good insights into the construction industry value chain.

Through actively managing public policy interfaces to the business (e.g. anti-dumping, regulation of products), Christoph has developed a deep understanding of the interdependency of these two areas - and the importance of managing these processes and interfaces well in order to have a good position in innovation and competitiveness, and ultimately business success.


Overseeing innovation management several times has helped Christoph to understand that managing regulatory processes and intellectual property well is as essential to innovation success as the invention itself meeting customer needs.


Before partnering with EPPA, Christoph worked for more than 20 years in leadership positions in an industrial b2b environment – thereof more than 10 years with full responsibility for European or global Business Units at BASF and Celanese, and as Managing Director. He has experience in mergers & acquisitions, controlling, operations / supply chain and as head of sales. Christoph is well-versed internationally, with multi-year engagements in Asia, the USA, the Netherlands and several locations in Germany.


Christoph also is a partner at S&P Mergers and Acquisitions GmbH, one of the leading M&A advisors in the German market. Christoph studied business administration at the universities of Berlin and Nuremberg, Germany. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and wrote his thesis in Montréal, Canada, with a sponsorship by the Bavarian government. ​He operates in German, English, and French, and has working knowledge in Spanish.