Eduardo Mulas’ participation in the Congrès Biocides

Eduardo Mulas, partner at EPPA, will participate in the Congrès Biocides in Lyon, which this year will focus on Biocides regulation in practice. On Tuesday 6 October, Eduardo will give a presentation on SA dossiers: the importance of exchanges between stakeholders in the process, possible impacts on biocidal products and other sectors. In the context […]

Christoph Katz’s participation in the International Akademie Fresenius Conference on Microplastics

Christoph Katz, Senior Advisor at EPPA and Non-Executive Board Member, will participate in the 2nd International Akademie Fresenius Conference focussing this year on “Microplastics”: Regulatory Update, Identification and Risk Assessment, held on 9 & 10 September 2021. On Thursday 9 September 2021, starting at 15.45 CEST, Christoph will give a presentation on Intentionally Added Microplastics: […]