The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU has far-reaching implications, including for companies based in EU27 with commercial and financial interests in the UK. Regardless of the form and content of the new relationship such interests will continue to be important, and EPPA’s membership to the British Chamber of Commerce to the EU & Belgium,  and our active serve our ability to shape the new future relationship between the EU and the UK.


In the EU, the UK has been a driving force for key factors for innovation, open markets and competitiveness as well as by representing an Atlantic perspective to the more continental focus of other large EU Member States, thus reflecting the diversity of the European continent. Because of its cultural and linguistic accessibility, the UK is for many third countries a hub to enter and explore the opportunities of the European market with the benefit of a unified regulatory framework. Important EU policies such as the use of impact assessments, reduction of administrative burden, simplification as well as transparency in decision making and modernisation of the relation between politics and society have been actively promoted by the UK and like-minded EU Member States.

EPPA is full member of the British Chamber of Commerce to the EU & Belgium: