EPPA services in the areas of coalition building and joint EU interest representation for groupings of companies or not-for-profit organisations.


Policy and regulatory initiatives by the European Union institutions require stakeholders to reflect on how best to represent their interests. This involves assessing shared interests among various stakeholders, be they from business or non-governmental organisations.


In certain cases, building a coalition to advance these shared interests with the political decision-makers is the best option. The coalition will group different stakeholders around a shared interest and facilitate interaction with EU decision-makers who otherwise would have to interact with a myriad of smaller stakeholders representing narrower interests. It also allows one to escape the 'lowest-common denominator trap' which hinders innovative, future-oriented policy-making in the interest of the Common Good.


A coalition may be formed on an ad hoc basis but can also develop into a more permanent cooperation with a structure, possibly developing into an association of like-minded stakeholders.


EPPA has substantial experience in the area of coalition-building and interest representation. Our competence goes beyond what sometimes is referred to as “association management”, which in most cases is limited to secretarial and logistical services.


EPPA’s notion of coalition-building and joint EU interest representation is built on policy and the regulatory aspects that stakeholders have in common, with the aim of representing them better collectively than they would have done individually. This also creates added value for their interlocutors in the EU institutions.

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