EPPA is a specialist management consultancy established in 1987 that assists clients in managing alignment between business, European Union institutions and governments, while considering also research and technology developments and social-cultural shifts.

We are a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural consultancy with a unique and successful approach that focuses on creating a constructive dialogue with policy-makers.

Be it for the purpose of public policy or corporate strategy, for regulation design or compliance, EPPA offers intimate know- how about the political and regulatory processes and inter-actions of European and national decisionmakers and administrators, and of the multiple challenges facing business as a consequence. We assist clients with effective compromise-building in the multi-layered, complex European governance system and with out-of-the-box thinking for innovation of strategy and policy.

The business of business is society.

- Peter Drucker -

We help to seek solutions that build sustainable value and competitive advantage, fully including the societal interests. This well-tested approach has positioned EPPA in a league of its own and brought an impressive track record in resolving major challenges related to public policy, regulatory affairs and societal issues.

Many of the world’s leading companies have become long-term clients while the company has also served the European and national public sector.

We need a balance between markets and governments.

- Martin Wolf -

FT´s chief economics commentator 

Workshops & Trainings

Taking action in EU public affairs starts with training. Daniel Guéguen and Vicky Marissen are professors at the College of Europe. Should you wish to learn more, look at our Workshops & Trainings.




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