Implementing regulation

Is compliance synonymous with improvisation or do you have a plan?

EU regulatory requirements are increasingly shaping the ability of business to operate. The implementation of new regulations can make or break market positions and force fundamental changes in the business value chain, from R&D to distribution EPPA helps clients to implement and comply with EU regulations.

We deliver the following services

Substance approval

Whether your business is agricultural, chemical, cosmetic, bio-scientific or pharmaceutical, a precise and timely regulatory affairs strategy can make the difference between having your product on the market and having to withdraw it.


Merger approval and cartels

In many cases the formal merger approval process is subject to a range of pressures, which have a significant bearing on the eventual decisions made.



The EU’s anti-dumping instrument is the most commonly used and well known of the trade defence instruments.



EPPA is finely attuned to the political trends and economic, social and ecological priorities driving or influencing the formulation of trade policy and legislation in Europe.