Co-shaping policy

Do EU regulations fall from the sky or do you participate in their patient development?

Rather than being surprised by new policy initiatives developed at EU and national levels, successful companies prepare for change and enter the debate at a time when they are most likely to have a constructive and responsible impact.

To achieve this they need to find answers to three key questions:

  1. What are the current drivers of the European political process and which underlying societal currents impact political decision-making?
  2. How will the political process develop?
  3. How can the company participate timely and successfully in the decision-making process to minimise the risks and maximise opportunities?

EPPA plays a key role in this process by analyzing potential policy scenarios and examining their likely consequences on a particular business sector. We help our clients fully manage and prepare for the risk and opportunity inherent in an upcoming change of policy and help them to engage with the authorities to build a new regulatory architecture for their market.

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