Aligning strategies

What to do to prepare for future market conditions?

Companies operate in political and societal contexts that are not always ally with business needs. The sometimes frustrating challenge for top management is to align contrasting stakeholder agendas with the firm’s commercial objectives.

In past decades companies have invested heavily in understanding and developing their commercial markets. They have defined inclusive market strategies involving every layer of the company. In contrast, most companies have not invested sufficient energy in understanding and developing their non-market strategies towards influencing governments, regulating institutions, civic society organisations, etc. The result is that companies often apply fragmented, antagonistic and ineffective approaches to developing non-market strategies. This is to the detriment of the firm as non-market influences today heavily determines business context.

Through our related company, Interface Ltd, we advise Boards and top management on how the company can structure itself to realise greater influence over policy processes and to attain better alignment of commercial objectives with the Common Good of society.

Interface Ltd is a joint venture of EPPA drawing on a number of Business School academics. Interface Ltd is developed from the conviction that “Successfully managing the Non-Market is the key for business to build sustainable competitive advantages”. Interface Ltd joins political experience, societal understanding and academic thought leadership to offer a set of unique and innovative services.

We deliver the following services

Thought leadership

Effective management of the stakeholders implies radically changing the mind-set of top management towards utilising stakeholder levers.


Innovation Framework Conditions

The broad reach of expertise has allowed EPPA to become the operational platform for the independent tripartite High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management.


Science & Ethics

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA) is Europe's largest and most prestigious transnational association of scientists.