Constructive dialogue lunches

Besides our work for individual clients, we occasionally organise small lunch meetings with a senior decision maker for our clients and friends.

Recently we welcomed:

Daniela Schwarzer, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) on the policy with regard to the public debt crisis of several EU Member States the future of the Euro and the motives of Germany’s policy with regard to the future of the EU and the Eurozone.

Charles Grant, Director of the Center for European Reform in London on Britain’s European Future. A comprehensive insight, a sharp analysis and constructive thinking about institutional and policy innovation in the European Union, its support for the Single Market and other key business issues.

Marco Zatterin, Director La Stampa in Brussels on the 2013 Italian elections outcome. Provided the audience with a thorough analysis of the results of the Italian elections and what it will mean for the EU, the euro and more generally the markets.

Yves Bertoncini, Director - Notre Europe on France’s European Policy one year after the election of François Hollande. An insight view of the present condition and possible future developments of French politics, both with regard internal politics and its likely consequences for business, and for its European actions.

Íñigo Méndez De Vigo, MEP and Member of the EPP Bureau and of the Economic & Monetary Affairs Committee, on the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty and its likely effects on the working of the institutions and the Parliament in particular.

Malcolm Harbour, UK Conservative MEP and chair of the EP's Internal Market Committee, on the completion of the Single Market and the Monti Report and the obstacles to achieving this for all economic sectors.

Jo Leinen, MEP and chair of the EP's Environment, Public Health & Food Safety Committee, on environmental policy as a horizontal policy affecting many other policies and on its role as a force for research, innovation and competitiveness.

Matthias Oel, Special Adviser of European Council President H. Van Rompuy, on the activities of the Presidency of the European Council, issues of economic governance and the measures taken or proposed to stimulate Europe's growth and competitiveness.

Despina Spanou, Principal Adviser of DG Sanco, on the EU’s health policy strategy and priorities, the public health agenda and its horizontal impact on other policies.

Jonathan Faull, Director-General, DG Internal Market and Services, on the challenges for the Internal Market, in particular both the consequences to the market from the current crisis, the Commission’s new proposals to complete the Single Market in the framework of the EU 2020 Strategy and the Monti Report.

Paolo De Castro, Chairman, European Parliament, Agriculture & Rural Development Committee, on the future of European Agriculture ahead of the CAP political debate, sustainability and competitiveness, global food security and how the European Parliament positions itself vis-a-vis the Member States and the European Commission in the CAP reform debate.

Klaus Gretschmann, Director-General in the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, who spoke about the need and the challenges to develop Innovation Europe, which should become the new driving force for the Member States to increase competitiveness.

Robert Madelin, Director General of DG Connect at the European Commission gave his views on Digital Europe and the New Opportunities for the EU.

Tim Bowmer, Chairman of the Committee for Risk Assessment of ECHA on ECHA's RAC, meeting the challenge of REACH.

Sir Julian Priestley, Former Secretary General of the EP and Chairman of the Board of EPPA addressed the audience on the outcome of the EP elections of May 2014 and how it will determine how the European Council can reach agreement with the EP on the nomination of a new Commission President and will influence the work of the future Commission, and of course the co-decision process.