Learning networks

The quadruple helix of business-government-technology-society interface is undergoing deep changes, related to the tectonic shifts in the globally connected, technology-driven economy, in cultural paradigms and in public governance systems. This brings uncertainty and risks but also numerous opportunities for those with foresight and the appropriate strategic responses, agility and timing.  

EPPA is a permanent learning organisation, investing itself in research about the business-government interface and its various aspects and developing close collaborations with other learning organisations, business schools and think tanks.   

In the field of business-government interfaces, EPPA’s principal partners are:

  • The Academy of Business in Society based in Brussels, New York and Shanghai: the global organisation for corporate citizenship and socially responsible business, where EPPA cooperates with leading companies sharing similar concerns and top business schools.

In matters of science and ethics, EPPA cooperates with:

In order to deepen and share knowledge about the EU, its policy making system and key market policies, EPPA supports and cooperates with leading think tanks such as:

Insights in African developments and its relations with the EU come to us via a specialist think tank:

  • Mazungumzo, the African Forum in Brussels: the only think tank in Brussels exclusively devoted to analysing and stimulating fair political and economic relations between the two continents engages with African and European experts alike. 

Transatlantic trade relations we follow through our active participation in:

  • AmCham, the American Business Chamber in Europe: the voice of American companies committed to Europe on trade, investment and competitiveness issues, facilitating the resolution of transatlantic issues that impact business and creating better understanding of EU and US positions on policy and regulatory matters.