Global operation networks

Globalisation challenges companies and governments to adapt to different economic and societal contexts and to innovate regulatory frameworks. EPPA provides a proven methodology to enhance foresight, strategy and policy innovation and alignment between them. It is gaining momentum since it can be applied wherever political, societal and economic forces meet, in Europe as well as abroad.

Within Europe, we have developed networks both at national and EU level that enable us to understand and participate. But the European Union is developing closer political and economic links with its neighbouring countries and regions, exporting its regulations and standards, and it is consolidating growing interdependency with fast growing countries and regions all over the world.

In parallel with this evolution, EPPA has developed privileged relationships with likeminded consultancies in neighbouring regions.

All three consultancies operate according to the same professional methods and standards. They offer similar services to EPPA itself, often with the involvement of one of the Brussels-based partners, and they can be contacted via us.

EPPA Russia

For more than 15 years, it has been helping companies to benefit from the growing political and economic relations between Russia and the EU.

The ACTA Group - USA

Scientific and regulatory expertise to assist companies to sustain their products globally.


Economic growth and diversification, the Joint Africa-Europe Strategy and the future European Partnership Agreements now offer new opportunities.